About Windsor Recreation

Thank you for coming to the Windsor Recreation & Leisure Services Department information website! The department was created to provide parks and recreation programs and services for the Windsor community.

We offer over 1,200 programs and classes annually for all ages and interests. The department is comprised of Recreation Services, Northwest Park and Nature Center, Youth Services Bureau and the Police Athletic League.  We also manage recreation areas such as the Leland P. Wilson Community Center, the Community Center at 330 Windsor Ave., the Windsor Skate Park, Goslee Pool, Welch Pool, Veteran Pool, the Windsor Challenge Course and Archery Range.  Beside our on going programs, we are proud to offer a series of special events and volunteer opportunities.

We invite all Windsor residents, surrounding communities and area visitors to explore our all or facilities and programs.   Come out and Play, the benefits are Endless!!!


Town of Windsor Vision, Mission and Core Values


Vision Statement:

To create an exceptional quality of life that engages citizens, provides commercial and leisure amenities, promotes business and employment opportunities and unsurpassed value to all taxpayers.



"To create an environment where the dreams can come true for individuals, families, and businesses."


Windsor’s Leadership Philosophy:

  • The Town of Windsor is an organization made up of diverse individuals who are enthusiastic, creative, competent and trustworthy, and who strive to do a good job.
  • We support and practice participatory management built on a foundation of an open exchange of information, shared decision-making and personal responsibility.
  • We are committed to fulfilling our mission through use of best practices and quality service.
  • The organization nurtures an environment that encourages risk-taking to foster creativity and continuous improvement.
  • We communicate and work in collaboration with the community we serve.
  • We take great pride in our work.
  • The organization is dedicated to personal and professional development.
  • We understand and promote our organizational values of innovation, responsiveness, passion, integrity and partnership.


Our Core Values:

Saying what we mean and consistently doing what we say. It means honestly matching words and feelings with thoughts and actions, with no desire other than for the good of the community.


Quality as defined by the customer. We exemplify responsiveness in our willingness to help customers and to provide prompt service in a dependable and accurate manner.


The process of effectively and profitably taking new ideas to satisfied customer. It is a process of continual renewal involving the whole organization and is an essential part of everyday practice.


The excitement of doing something – vocation or avocation, art or mission, idea or ideal that we find fulfilling and deeply satisfying. People with passion ignite enthusiasm, inspire excellence and invoke enhanced performance.


There are more leaders, because people can take turns assuming leadership for tasks where they have knowledge and ability. Leaders inspire and facilitate rather than just give orders that have to be obeyed. Our partnerships also extend to the community where accountability also flows in two directions.


Specifically, Recreation and Leisure Services Department will:

We will: Be fiscally responsible, good steward of our community’s natural resources and guardians of our human resources.


We will: Enhance the quality of life in the community by providing a variety of enjoyable leisure, cultural and educational pursuits in facilities that are well maintained, safe, and accessible.


We will: Improve the health and fitness of our community through programming and facilities that encourage thought or motion.


We will: Ensure that the citizens of Windsor are heard by the use of program and facility evaluations, community-wide surveys, email bulletins, and various project committees.

We will: Be driven to protect and take care of the facilities. All facilities will be clean, safe, well maintained, and environmentally friendly.

We will: Bring together our community by offering a wide variety of activities and programs that encourage inclusion and participation.