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Jim Burke
Economic Development Director


Careful planning has made Windsor what it is today: a beautiful suburban town with a pristine corporate area, very desireable residential areas and expansive public open space. Windsor, rich in history and sense of community, also offers unequaled corporate infrastructure and an educated, motivated work force. Government is by local people who maintain an absolute commitment to listen and be responsive to the needs of our corporate customers.

Windsor's economic development team consists of development staff, economic development commission members, elected officials and several related non-profit groups. Our economic development strategy for the Town of Windsor is an aggressive venture to continually improve the economic health of the community. Our strategy revolves around three separate but related initiatives:

  • Bring more jobs to Windsor
  • Bring more investment to Windsor
  • Determine/Work to meet the needs of current Windsor employers

In addition to attracting new companies, we continually meet with our current employers and discuss how the town can assist them in improving their business position. It is our hope that by supporting our businesses we will encourage them to grow, which will create more local jobs and corporate development, and attract additional businesses to Town.

Windsor's economic development team is always looking for ways to improve our products and bring more growth to the community. All indicators point to continued economic success, with even more new construction, job growth and grand list growth.

If you are considering Windsor as a home for your business or if you have any questions about the town's business environment, please call Jim Burke at (860) 285-1877 or email us at: