Boards & Commissions Getting Started Guide

Step 1: Identify boards and commissions of interest.

Go to 'board profiles' (found on the right hand side of the page) to get more information for each board/commission. Use the drop down arrow and select the board/commission of choice. Read the profile thoroughly to identify which board or commission you may be interested in. Becoming involved in a committee that interests you will help you remain focused and be an active participant.

Step 2: Investigate.

  • Is there a current vacancy on a board or commission? Click on the 'vacancies' link found on the right hand side of the page to view all current vacancies, terms that have expired and can be applied for and those terms that will be expiring soon.
  • When and where do they meet? You can find this information on the 'meeting schedules' page.
  • Are you willing to commit the time needed to be a member of that board or commission?
  • Who appoints members? Please see question #5 - what happens next.

What's the difference between a Vacancy, Expired Term and Soon to be Expired Term?


Definition of a term: The period of time in which an individual is appointed to a seat on a board or commission.

  • Vacancy:A vacancy is when there is an open position available on a board or commission. There is no individual currently holding the seat. Upon receipt of the application, it will be sent through for processing and review by the Personnel Committee and the Town Council.
  • Expired Term: An expired term is when an individual (who is presently serving on the board or commission) has had their term end, which frees up that position. At this point, any individual can apply for the position, including the person who held the seat prior to expiration. Once an application for appointment or a communication for reappointment to this seat is received, it will be sent through for processing and review by the Personnel Committee and the Town Council.
  • Soon to Expire Terms: Soon to expire terms are positions that are presently held by a member but are due to end soon. The town's webpage currently shows up to a year's time of soon to expire terms. Individuals, including the person that was in the seat prior to expiration, can apply for this position within that year's time with the understanding that the term will need to end first before it can be brought up for review. Once the term has ended and an application for appointment or a communication for reappointment to this seat is received, it will be sent through for processing and review by the Personnel Committee and the Town Council.

Step 3: Get support and make contact.

Each Town Committee and the Personnel Committee makes recommendations of nominees to vacant positions for boards and commissions to the Town Council. Unaffiliated and Independent voters are always welcome and can apply directly to the Personnel Committee by filling out a web application or by:

  • Contacting the Democrat Town Committee Chair, Tim Curtis at 860-653-2541
  • Contacting the Republican Town Committee Chair, Ronald Eleveld at 860-285-8856
  • Sending an e-mail to stating your interest
  • Sending a web application found under the boards/commissions webpage
  • Contacting the Town Manager's Office at 860-285-1800

Step 4: Fill out an application and submit it.

Apply for a membership. Individuals that are interested in becoming a part of a board or commission are required to fill out an online application form.

Step 5: What happens next?

The Personnel Committee, which is comprised of three council members, was formed to help fill vacancies on boards and commissions. The committee's mission is to make the nomination process more open and accessible to residents and for all party and non-party affiliated individuals. Citizens interested in serving on a board or commission can now apply directly to the Personnel Committee by filling out an application form found on the Town of Windsor's website, found under the boards and commissions link. After receipt of an application, the following steps are taken:

  1. The Town Manager's Office will schedule a meeting for all nominees with the Personnel Committee for a 10 minute, two-way discussion to get to know them better, to verify they are a 'good fit' for the suggested board/commission and to find out if they are interested in filling any other vacancies.

    Please note that those seeking reappointment are required to meet with the Personel Committee if they are on a regulatory board (IWWC, PBC, TP&Z, ZBA) or may be required to meet with them if there are questions about their attendance or contributions to their board or commission
  2. The Personnel Committee then gives their recommendations to the Town Council. The Town Council reviews the nominees via a two step process. They will first review the names of the nominees brought before them at one meeting without taking action and will bring the names forward once again at their next meeting for action.
  3. Once new appointments are made, a letter is sent by the Town Manager's Office approximately 3-4 days after the Town Council meeting outlining their length of term, title (full member, alternate, etc.) and stating that they should come to the Town Clerk's Office to be sworn in prior to the first meeting of the board/commission. Also included in the letter is a member roster, by-laws or ordinance for the board/commission, schedule for the year, organizational chart for the town, Freedom of Information Act, Code of Ethics ordinance and acknowledgement form and the Town Charter.
  4. The Democratic/Republican parties will also continue to suggest nominees for vacancies and reappointments on boards and commissions to the Town Council's Personnel Committee where they will be assessed and then sent to the Town Council for final review.
  5. If you, or a member of your board/commission, are aware of an individual that is interested in becoming a volunteer, please have them fill out an application form on the website. This will assist the committee in having the proper information to make the most informative decision in filling a vacancy.