East Street Water Main Replacement Project

Water Main Installation & Service Reconnections

East Street, Windsor

April 3, 2018




Location:        East Street, Windsor (Pleasant Street to Clubhouse Drive)



Installation of new 8” DI water main by MDC Forces to replace an existing 3” water main.   Work will include a hydrant replacement, additional hydrant installation and service reconnections and renewals.  Residents will be informed prior to any water service interruptions.


Click here for the MDC construction notice.


Project History:

East Street (from Pleasant Street to Clubhouse Drive) has a small (3-inch) water main that can no longer provide adequate fire flows to the existing fire hydrant fed from the main.  The Town of Windsor Fire Department has taken this hydrant out of service and requested that the MDC replace the water main as soon as possible. 


Work Plan:

Beginning the week of April 9th, MDC crews will mobilize to the site, prepare the laydown area, and begin installation of the new connections at the intersections of East Street and Clubhouse Drive and East Street and Pleasant Street.


Work will continue intermittently during the next six weeks and will conclude before Memorial Day Weekend (May 25th).  The intermittent nature of this project is due to the need for MDC crews to be available to respond to emergencies and other competing project responsibilities. 


MDC will hire The Jack Farrelly Company to pressure test and chlorinate the main upon completion.  Copper services will be reconnected into the new main upon passing.  WICL services were recently renewed by MDC crews.

The Town of Windsor and the MDC have coordinated the work in town roads.


MDC will provide temporary pavement restoration.  MDC will coordinate with the Town of Windsor and/or utilize the paving program to complete the permanent restoration after a 90 day trench settlement period or sooner as determined by the Town.



The estimated duration of this project is 4-6 weeks.  As noted above, the availability of the crews due to emergencies/priorities will dictate the schedule.


Work hours will generally be from 8AM-5:30PM, Monday-Friday.  Work on Saturdays will be included as needed. 


Traffic Plan:

East Street is a narrow, residential street.  It will be closed to through traffic during work hours.  Local traffic will have access.  Road Closed – Local Traffic Only signs will be posted at the following intersections: East Street @ Poquonock Avenue & Pleasant Street @ Palisado Avenue.


When the MDC is working at the intersection of East Street and Clubhouse Lane, one-way alternating traffic entering/leaving Clubhouse Lane will be required. 


When the MDC is working at the intersection of East Street and Pleasant Street, one-way alternating traffic will be required on Pleasant Street (between East Street and Poquonock Avenue.


Three (3) cemeteries are located within the project area.  The MDC will coordinate with the sexton (Carmon Funeral Homes) to ensure that no services will interrupted by the construction activities.


MDC will accommodate all cemetery and local traffic when necessary throughout the work day



  • Town of Windsor Engineering, Public Works, Police and transportation/school departments will be kept informed of the schedule via email from the Project Manager.
  • Carmon Funeral Homes will be kept informed of the schedule via email from the Project Manager.
  • On April 28th the Town of Windsor Historical Society has a walking tour of historical homes.  MDC will ensure the site is clean and safe for pedestrian traffic prior to completing work on Friday the 27th.
  • The residents have received flyers notifying them of the coming work.
  • Residents will receive individual notices notifying of any water interruptions.
  • Houses 124 & 140 have been contacted to discuss the lay down area which is located between their properties and what they can expect about noise, dust and startup time.


MDC Activities:    

  • MDC Operations to perform all pipe installations.
  • MDC Inspection to perform water main testing
  • MDC survey to assist with final measurements.



This Work Plan will be updated as new information becomes available.



Emergency Contact Numbers:

Metropolitan District Contacts:

  • Project Manager – Joshua MacCulloc - 860-278-7850 ext. 3393
  • Manager of Operations – Rob Langenauer - 860-513-3316
  • Operations Asst. Superintendent - John Bourgoin - 860-278-7850 ext. 3627
  • Construction Services Supervisor – Mike Trick - 860-335-2538
  • Construction Inspector – Lewis Owens - 860-818-7212    
  • Operations Command Center (Emergency Contact) - 860-278-7850 x 3600 –


Town of Windsor Contacts:

  • Director of Public Works/Town Engineer – Bob Jarvis -  860-285-1804
  • Construction Inspector – Glenn Cusano -  860-285-1876